Washington Whitetail

Good friend Ryan Jibson is currently living in the state of Washington for school, but as you can see he is making the most of it! This year he was able to harvest this nice eight point whitetail buck. Great job Ryan!!!

This Years Muzzleloader

The first two pictures are of my buck from this years Utah muzzleloader hunt. I first spotted this buck about a month before my hunt started and liked him a lot because of the cheater in the right side. I knew he was not a big buck but decided if i could find him opening morning I would try for him. When opening morning came I was able to locate him at first light. I made a pretty good stock to get within 85 yards of him and five other bucks. I pulled up my muzzleloader and took a shot. A big cloud of smoke filled the air from the powder and I saw deer running everywhere. None of them appeared to be injured so a began questioning my shot. I reloaded and watched where the other bucks went just incase. I walked over to where they were standing and the cheater buck was on the ground. I can't tell you how excited I was to see my first muzzleloader buck on the ground. I hiked back up to my truck and found the guy in the last picture up there looking for a buck. I knew where the other five bucks had gone so we went after them and he was able to get this three point. His first muzzleloader buck also. What a great opening morning!!! I didn't know this guy but like me I am sure he wont easily forget this exciting morning!!

A Guys Blog

Brooke as well as some other wives are not posting what needs to be posted on a blog so I am taking it into my own hands and creating a blog for us guys!  To start off the Blog these are some pics of the buck my brother Russ took this year on the rifle hunt. He is a twenty four inch two point with three inch eye guards. We spotted this buck opening morning and Russ made one shot at three hundred and fifty yards to put him down. These are some great pics as well as a great story but for some reason it didn't make the wives blogs?