Dustin's First Buck

In two-thousand and seven good friend Dustin Dickamore was lucky enough to draw an out of state Wyoming deer tag. He hunted hard to turn up and harvest this great double cheater buck!

Big Bull For Cody

Recently in February good friend Cody Hale drew a tag from the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo.  He put in for 12 different hunts totaling sixty dollars. He was completely ecstatic upon hearing of the draw results.  He wasn't able to scout much due to work but after about twelve days of hard hunting He was able to harvest this bull with his bow.  He was hunting with long time friend Kurt Cheever and a recent acquaintance and new friend Kade Church.  They fell asleep on a wallow when this bull came bugling in and waking them up.  Cody made a great shot to stick him at 67 yards.  After about eight hours of packing they were able to finally get some sleep.  He has an unofficial gross score of 337 5/8.  He is a 6 x 8, having a split brow tine  and a cheater on the same side. Congrats to Cody for taking a great bull and making some memories to last a life time!