Well today the Dallas Cowboys lost a big game putting them out of the run for the playoffs and ending the season. They had a rough year that started out looking good but not ending well. I thought I would post a few pictures of the good times and highlights of this season.


The extended archery elk hunt ends this weekend so this morning was my last chance at an elk this year. I started the day off hiking alone at five this morning. I was able to get where I had wanted to hunt before the sun came up so I sat down and waited for light. As soon as it started to get light I was glassing all around me. A lot of deer were out feeding as well as some moose and even a few coyotes were out trying to get warm. I saw some fresh elk tracks but were unable to locate them. Even though I was not able to get an elk I took some pictures of my morning. The great thing about hunting is there is always next year.

Reach For The Sky

I guess we can't always hunt for big game so thats when we have to reach for the sky. Here are some of the many birds Dustin Dickamore and his family took on the day after Thanksgiving. I believe they took about twenty five. Nothing to complain about there. Thanks Dust for sharing some great tasting birds with me!!!